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Paint Correction 

Restore your vehicles paint to a better than new state

What is paint correction? 

What is paint correction and why might your vehicle need it?  Paint correction is the process of correcting the ugly truths created by not only years of wear and tear on your vehicles paint but even manufacturers imperfections.  Whether or not your vehicle is brand new or has been on the road for years, your vehicles paint is more then likely far from perfect. But, good news, we can help fix that! Your vehicles paint and clear coat are subjected to environments that induce scratches, chips, swirls, cobwebs, hazing and even fading which deter from the crisp, clean, sharp reflection we all desire.  Even when a new vehicle is driven right off the showroom floor, chances are it has some imperfections including orange peel and a wavy or uneven appearance.  Our paint correction services will remove the imperfections and bring out the beauty and depth in your vehicles paint.

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What does Speed-n-Shine highly recommend after paint correction?

We strongly recommend a sealant, ceramic coating, or paint protection film. Why is it so important to protect your paint after paint correction services? Simply, you are protecting your investment and the money spent to restore your vehicles finish.  If you leave the paint without protection the same imperfections will inevitably return with time, possibly even worse without any layer of protection present.  Maintaining your vehicles protective coating is imperative to keeping that beautiful deep glossy finish for years to come!



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Paint Correction Services

Orange Peel Killer Paint Correction

This service is an extensive process to remove orange peel from paint with 3000 grit sandpaper and or heavy cutting compound. This process will make your paint look better than some factory paint jobs and up to 99% paint perfection


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*Pricing based on vehicle size

This service is recommended for people who are:  

- Looking to remove orange peel from their paint 

- Looking to get the closest to paint perfection their is ​

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Three Step Paint Correction 

Paint Correction Three Step Photo.png

This service consists of a heavy cutting, correcting polish and finishing polish steps. This process will bring your paint up to 95-99% paint perfection 


Starts at $879

*Pricing based on vehicle size

This service is recommended to people who are: 

- Looking to remove severe swirling or scratching 

- Looking to achieve almost paint perfection 

- Looking to restore your car paint whether it is a daily driver, exotic weekender, or classic car. 

Two Step Paint Correction 

This service consist of a compound cut and a finish polish. This process will bring your paint up to 85-90% paint perfection


Starting at $494

*Pricing based on vehicle size

This service is recommended to people who have:

- Cars that drive through car washes

- Swirling 

- Oxidation or Cloudy paint

Paint Correction Two Step .png

One Step Paint Correction 

Paint Correction One Step.png

This service consists of a compound cut and finish polish in the same step. This paint correction service will bring your paint up to 60-70% paint perfection


Starting at $329

*Pricing based on vehicle size

This service is recommended to people who have: 

- Just purchased a new vehicle 

- About to sell a vehicle

- Have minor scratches

- Light Oxidation or Cloudy paint

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