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Headlight Restoration

Is your headlights future not very bright?

What is headlight restoration and why it is important?

Headlight restoration is the process of removing the ugly yellow hazing that naturally happens to every vehicles headlights over time. This is because the clear top coat that comes on acrylic headlamps takes a beating from the environment, chemicals and road debris. Eventually the clear top coat wears off leaving the acrylic headlight exposed to the elements which causes it to oxidize and even develop microscopic cracking. Headlight Restoration is extremely important to every driver because that yellow hazing and cracking reduces the distance that the light travels in front of your vehicle. Which, reduces your ability to safely operate your vehicle at night or in inclement weather conditions. Our headlight restoration not only improves your safety & visibility but saves you money by avoiding a full headlight replacement. 




Headlight Resoration Split.png


This includes:  

- Correcting the headlight back to new depending on how badly oxidized, this involves up to three stages of correction

- Protecting the headlights with ceramic coating to keep the oxidation from returning, while also giving them protection and hydrophobic properties. 

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